Unexpected Beauty

Walking through life is often about hurrying from task to task. Getting everything done each day may rob people of the ability to admire the world around them, so taking an extra moment occasionally may be important. Rather than seeking out beauty, noticing the world as it is can provide unexpected loveliness to those open to it. It may be seen in a vegetable stand with fresh produce ripe and ready to create a perfect meal. The sky in a particular season may be the perfect shade of bright blue, or even the water of a puddle after a rainstorm might reflect the beauty of a new building. All of these are places where people walk past incredible scenes without noticing them.

It may be that every corner of the world is filled with small bits of beauty. Those open to new ideas may find them, but they must also be able to take the time to notice them. A person intent only on rushing through the day may miss much. They could miss the beautifully soothing sounds of crickets at dusk, or they might even miss the laughter of a small child taking their firsts steps.

Walking through life without admiration can make the world a dull and frustrating place. Those with no vision for what is right in the world may see only what is wrong. They could see a smokestack and think of pollution. Others might see the same smokestack and have a vision of being cosy and warm with their family at home. Appreciating these types of moments is what makes the world a beautiful place.

While beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, some things are more beautiful when shared. A rainbow can be perfectly gorgeous, yet it increases in value when shared with a friend or loved one. Looking at the world with new eyes may just be the most beautiful step a person can take every day.