The Grace in Movement

Attending a professional ballet is one way to appreciate gracefulness, but it is only one part of life. There may be a person in the cubicle next door with graceful typing skills that should be appreciated. An older person ambling through the local park could be someone else to appreciate. Their movements may be slow, yet there can be a sense of measured focus to them that creates beauty in each step they take.

Everyday life offers many moments of beauty when it comes to movement. Noticing them is often what is bypassed by those too busy to see. Letting go of a video game on an electronic device might show a person the beauty of the world of movement. The flight of birds could be part of it, and the swaying of trees in the breeze might lend an air of grace to even a bad day.

Walking through life with a head buried in work avoids beauty on many levels. The person too busy to see the swirl of steam from a hot beverage may be missing part of what makes it so flavourful. Walking past a weed flowing in a sidewalk is a shame when the weed worked hard to grow that colourful flower it presents to the world. That flower may last only a day or two before it begins to slump to the ground and gives up its beauty.

Taking just a few moments every day to look around and see the world can reveal much to the observant person. The grace in movement is not about perfectly timed and choreographed steps performed by artists. It can be about one person walking along a garden path, or it can be a group of roses that brush against those passing by and bounce back. It only requires observation to find that type of beauty in the world today.