Learning Appreciation

When It comes to beauty, many people seem to believe it is only a visual experience. There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of the world, and they involve other senses than sight. Hearing the soft laughter of a child can be beautiful. Feeling the perfection of a handwoven piece of cloth, or even relaxing into a gentle breeze can all be moments when beauty manifests. Learning appreciation of these types of beauty can help make the world a better place.

Stopping to see or experience beauty is often what keeps people away from it. They feel the time they would spend can take away from other parts of their lives. While it may be true if they stop walking or driving to admire a sight, it is not necessarily true in every case. Appreciation of a feeling, a thought, or even a sound can be done while continuing on with life.

Learning to appreciate things is not something everyone does, yet it could be a good way to make the world a happier place. Looking for beauty is easy enough in the modern world. Finding beauty with the other senses may be something modern people have lost. Appreciating those other qualities could be something that will take time to develop, but a mindful person will be happier and healthier if they take that time.

The beauty available in the world is almost everywhere, and it is meant to be enjoyed by everyone passing it. It could be a scented breeze that carries the aroma of a local flower, or it might be the scent of dinner cooking at a neighbour’s home. Allowing the brain a moment to imprint the memory for future enjoyment is yet one more way of learning appreciation for the beauty in the world. Keeping those memories, occasionally sharing them, and continually experiencing them are all ways to ensure the need for beauty remains.